加藤千奈 China KATO

Art Space 金魚空間(台北)代理藝術家 :  

加藤 千奈  China KATO  かとう ちな

b. 1986  日本愛知縣名古屋市  Nagoya city, Aichi Prefecture, Japan



As a medium of expression, art at times, has presented itself to be an even more genuine method of connection than real life interactions. Although a painting radiates neither warmth and fragrance, nor does it show any motions and emotions; nevertheless, through the artist’s will, the audience can feel the temperature, movements, or any other physical elements set in the artwork. To Kato, art is an avenue of experience exchange, in which she seeks to initiate a connection with her audiences to construct a story inspired by her art. Despite the stillness in each painting, all the characters are constantly interacting with their viewers to narrate a continuous performance.