F6 Biotop黃色的房間.JPG

磯部光太郎 Kotaro ISOBE

Art Space 金魚空間(台北)代理藝術家 :  

磯部 光太郎   Kotaro ISOBE  いそべ こうたろう

b. 1970


The theme of Isobe's works is "biotop," which is German for biotope, the space maintained by an original ecosystem. During every season of the year countless small creatures share the space inhabited by humans. A biotope is an environment in which humans, plants, and animals co-exist in an ideal way. In Japan, there still remain ideal environments for nature's small creatures to inhabit, with its rich natural features of satoyama woodland that are home to insects which visit flowers in swarms, as well as creatures such as frogs and dragonflies that inhabit ponds, rice paddies, and other wet areas. The seasonal changes of flora and fauna are sensitively portrayed by incorporating the traditional techniques of Japanese painting into the motifs of the small living creatures and plants that come together in these biotopes. Isobe is attracting attention as an up-and-coming young Japanese-style painter. Has actively held personal exhibitions and taken part in group exhibitions at department stores and galleries across Japan since around the year 2000.