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古家野雄紀 Yuuki KOYANO

Art Space 金魚空間(台北)代理藝術家 :  

古家野 雄紀  Yuuki KOYANO  こやの ゆうき

b. 1993年 日本愛知縣知多郡



Inspired by the Rinpa School, Koyano reanimates the classical Japanese art movement through his portrayals of human figures and vivid palette, creating a neo-classic Japanese style that comically converges traditional and contemporary aesthetics. For four consecutive years from 2014 to 2017, Koyano has been awarded the “Most Popular Artist” title at the Power of Art exhibition, an annual show of more than seventy young artists hosted at Isetan Shinjuku every year. 
The artist has also garnered commercial success starting in 2016, as businesses began to collaborate with him on product design. The most notable case being Hato Sabure, the iconic souvenir of dove-shaped cookies from Kamakura, where his works have been depicted on the limited edition of New Year Zodiac Animal Design Steel Box.
The cyclicality of life is a persistent theme in Koyano’s compositions, in which the chronicles of life are visually detailed through a spiral pattern that grows organically outward from a central origin, symbolizing the repeated transformation of living experiences throughout the passage of time. The distinctive figures represent the diversity of life forms, comprised of countless elements, that cohesively exist to construct a seemingly complicated yet harmonic ecosystem. The palette mainly consists of the four fundamental colors of the Mandala: red, blue, green, and yellow, each signifying a basic component of living organisms, to further illustrate the concept of life cyclicity.