山田優アントニ YuAnthony YAMADA

Art Space 金魚空間(台北)代理藝術家 :  

山田 優アントニ(優Anthony)YuAnthony YAMADA(油畫家)

b. 1987年3月

1987年生於靜岡縣濱松市。父親為肖像畫家、母親為法國人。祖父亦為肖像畫家。1987 Born in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, to a father and grandfather who are both portrait painters. Father is Japanese, mother is French. 1987年、静岡県浜松市に生まれる。父も父方の祖父も肖像画家(日本人)。母はフランス人。


Portrayal of people has been the consistent theme of my art. Ever since childhood, I have developed a faithful affection for the human figures, particularly the mercurial nature of their facial expressions, where the process of observing its details was an enjoyment in itself. Although the characters in my works are all imaginary, they serve as avatars that reflect upon my personal memories, experiences, and emotions.

Without any concrete preparation, my composition relies on a spontaneous stream of free flowing improvisation; as I allow myself to explore deep within the inner consciousness, the process of composition alters from a practice of mental organization to an experience self-meditation. Comparable to the unpredictability of facial expressions, the presentation of my work also corresponds to the circumstances of then working environment, any change of the brushwork may be subjected to the influence of a raining weather, music from radio, movie scenes of yesterday, or impressions of the quaint street. These characters are extensions of my identity, and their temperaments thus adapt to the growth of my maturity, as an artist and person. Looking back, each of the characters is a visual documentation of a unique moment of self-contemplation, and their similarities and differences in presence are truly a testament of the changes and struggles experienced throughout my life.