西岡悠妃 Yuhi NISHIOKA

Art Space 金魚空間(台北)代理藝術家 :  

西岡悠妃   Yuhi NISHIOKA

b. 1986  東京  Tokyo  

日本美術院(日本畫畫家的組織 / 創立於1898年)院友(*院友代表日本美術院裡身份地位的稱號)
Inyu of Nihon-Bijutsuin (Japan Art Institute)

繪畫的主題是聲音。「旅行收集題材或在進行素描時,常常留意著聲音。殘留在記憶中那片土地的聲音。想要將它留存下來」如此說地西岡,作品雖然以女性為中心來描寫為多,但或許是把人物當成記號來描繪,不會令人感到那麼活生生。 「描繪之際想讓肌理變搶眼,首先決定人物,然後移將至背景」如此這般對人物的質地抱持著強烈的講究。乳白色的肌膚閃耀著、且同時被描寫在其中的眼神,綻放強烈的存在感、捕捉所見之物不放。雖現在以人物畫作為主要的支柱,但今後「不依賴於此,想以作品來表現聲音」,透露出邁向新境界的意圖。不甘於現狀,描繪聲音的旅途尚在進行中。 


~Reminiscence of Sound~
“Sound is the motif my compositions. While traveling on the road, looking for inspirations or sketching drafts, I am particularly aware of the surrounding sounds, especially the sound of the land that would linger vulnerably in my mind. I wanted to find a way to remember them.” said the artist Yuhi Nishioka. Despite her desire to visualize the sentimental memories of her personal voyage, the human figures in her compositions are employed as reflective symbols of the experience rather than direct expressions of the emotions. Nishioka is also exquisitely aware of the textural details, employing tremendous emphasis on the physicality of her subjects and background. Her characters, often depicted in a silkily milky skin tone, with captivating eye gazes, radiate a strong visual essence that seems to capture its onlookers. Although human figures are her main compositional subjects thus far, she looks forward to expand her craft and expression through other symbolisms. Yet regardless of the possible changes in her style, Nishioka will still aspire to translate sound into her visual language.